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Genesys Ltd was found in March 1997 by former members of the R&D Institut of Microdevices - the largest and powerful in the USSR  institute of integrated circuits development. Most of the projects and services Genesys Ltd is directed for export, we have partners and customers in Germany, USA, Canada, Turkey, Bulgaria, Russia, Byelorussia.

The main activities for today are:

  • Development of logical regular structures layout compilers (Memory Compilers): SRAM, OTP ROM, RF OTP, DRAM;
  • Development and production of dedicated Remote Controls for replacement.


Remote Controls production

Remote Controls (FRC) from Genesys Ltd have full compatibility with the protocols of leading world brands: Sony, Panasonic, Philips, Toshiba, Samsung, Aiwa ...

Wу produce dedicated Remote Controls for original models replacement: TV, TV LCD/Plazma, DVD, VCR, CAR TV slim, CAR DVD slim, Hi-Fi, SAT, TUNER, AUX . Database daily updated with new models of remote controls.

Remote Controls  of our production have high consumer qualities, attractive design, consumes minimum power in stand-by mode. And most importantly - the prices of our products are more reliable, although much lower cost than the original branded products.

Each device during the manufacturing process passes through several stages of rigorous testing and verification - first electronically and then manually by our technologists. Remote control are made on the basis of a specially designed microcontroller GS-702 using its own element base and software and CAD.
Each of our device is guaranteed for 1 year.



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